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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  I get it.  The primary purpose of a fly reel, in fly fishing, is to just hold line.  But is that it's only purpose?  Are we that rustic & caveman to think that our reels serve no other functions?  If all I needed were something to hold my line, I would be content with a stripping apron or even a garbage bag.  No.  That's not enough.  Not for me.  I need more from my fly reel!  You need more from your fly reel!  We need more from our fly reels!  We need a smooth drag system with infinite adjustment and a large arbor for fast retrieval.  We need right or left handed operation, silent retrieve, precision engineering and we need to know that our reels will last longer than we will.  Hey, maybe at its basest level, a fly reel holds line.  But the reel I gear up with better not cost me an arm and a leg and it better LOOK DARN GOOD doing it!

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