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About trying a new style of fly fishing is the learning curve associated with it.  There are intrinsic questions that need to be answered: What kind of fly reel whould I buy for this rod?  What type of backing do I load on (and how much of it)?  Should I get a weight forward floating line, a double taper line, a short/medium/long belly spey line, a Skagit head or maybe one of the many types of scandinavian heads that are out there?  What about the many types of leaders, tips and tippets?  Here at JSRods.com, we've tried to take some of the guess work out of your fly fishing purchase.  Through partnering with 2 of the most passionate fly fishing companies on the market today (Moriston Rod Company & Tyne Reels), JSRods.com is able to bring our customers flawless fly fishing combo sets, switch rod combo sets, and spey rod combo sets that won't break the bank!  Our fishing combo sets include fly rods, switch rods, and/or spey rods coupled with reels, line, & backing; All you need to do is tie on your leader/tippet/fly and you're ready to fish!

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