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Tough Fishin' These Days...

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After what seemed like an eternity of sitting at a desk, I finally got the chance to head over to my local spot on the Rogue River on Monday. Hiking in filled with anticipation, I broke rounded a short bend through tall grasses and the river slowly came into view. What a surprise that was!!

Higher than I have seen in a long time, the water was rushing over most of the small islands that create great holdings for steelhead. The banks were overflowing above the grass levels and the water was dark and murky. Not really what I would call great fishing conditions.

Wading just a few feet from the bank felt like a team of thirsty horses were trying to pull me to the last watering hole in existence. Once I gained my footing, it became all about the cast. I don't think that I had a chance on this great green earth to get a hook up, but at least I had a great time casting.

When I got home, I did a little research and found out that the discharge from Cole River Hatchery is over 4000CFS. Wow! That's a lot of water. Welcome to spring fishing after a wet Winter.

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