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Great Review on Moriston Rod Company's Kanon Fly Rod & Tyne Reels' Trinity Fly Reel!  It's great to read the different reactions that people have when they not only receive the gear, but more importantly when they take it out to the water.

If you haven't picked up a copy... maybe you should!

If you haven't picked up a new Kanon Fly Rod or Trinity Fly Reel... what are you waiting for?

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A Fly Rod Is A Lot Like...

A fly rod is a lot like an obstacle we may run into in life.  It starts off in pieces, barely recognizable.  Chunks of wood lying in the back corner of the shop, cork rings scattered on the bench, thread on the rack... you get the idea.  These components will not come together themselves.  The [...]

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Here it comes!!! Moriston Rod Company's all new "Convert CSL" Switch Rod

After about 6 months of design changes, R&D, product testing, (and most importantly) customer feedback, Moriston Rod Company is launching their all new "Convert CSL" switch rod series.  Keeping the same fast action blank, Pacific Bay guides & elegant wood reel seat, we've decided to improve on perfection!  Didn't know it could happen?  Check out [...]

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