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Spring Spey Giveaway!

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We are going all out for our 2017 Spring Spey Giveaway. One lucky winner is going to receive a custom Moriston Spey Rod built in Southern Oregon from the finest materials available!

This 4 piece beauty is built on Moriston Rod Company’s popular lightweight graphite blank, scaled up to a 12’ 9’’, 8/9wt. salmon slayer. Moriston rods are known for their balance of power and sensitivity that can be seen in the strong butt section that transitions to an ultra-responsive tip. It has the power to cut through the toughest of conditions while throwing the largest streamers or bugs.

Check it out!

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Tough Fishin' These Days...

After what seemed like an eternity of sitting at a desk, I finally got the chance to head over to my local spot on the Rogue River on Monday. Hiking in filled with anticipation, I broke rounded a short bend through tall grasses and the river slowly came into view. What a surprise that was!!Higher [...]

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FlyFishing & Tying Journal

Great Review on Moriston Rod Company's Kanon Fly Rod & Tyne Reels' Trinity Fly Reel!  It's great to read the different reactions that people have when they not only receive the gear, but more importantly when they take it out to the water.If you haven't picked up a copy... maybe you should!If you haven't picked [...]

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2017 Sportsmen's Show In Portland, OR - Done!!

Great show in Portland!  Thanks to everyone who came out to say "Hi!"We love hearing the stories of how you are fishing our rods & reels and WOW, did we hear some great stories.  From chasing perch on coastal waters to bearing down on bass in warmer waters, we were delighted to hear the places [...]

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Top 7 Steelhead Flies That You Need To Have In Your Box

I know it's a subjective list, but what list isn't? Though some of these flies can work for all types of species, they all have a proven track record for both summer and winter steelhead. Give these a try and catch more fish!  This list is in no specific order.Muddler MinnowDesigned by Don [...]

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Oregon Closures - Know Where & When You're fishing!!!

Major afternoon closures are occurring all over waterways within the state of Oregon.  Most seem to be rivers and creeks that are experiencing an increase in water temperatures.  According to the ODFW recreation report website:"To protect fish from the stress they experience when caught and released in warm water, trout fishing is closed after [...]

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The all new KANON Series Fly Rod, from Moriston Rod Company

Coming soon to the Moriston lineup... the Kanon Series Fly Rod.Designs are just about completed, and ready for our production release, on one of Moriston Rod Company's most anticipated rods to date.  Like its name suggests, the Kanon Series Fly Rod is built on a strong, fast action blank that generates enough power to blast [...]

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Steelhead for dinner...

It's been a long time since there has been a Steelhead steak on the table.  There was a time when fish flowed through our freezer with regularity; now, I seem to be in a dry spell that allows me to do nothing more than remember the days as they were.  No longer is our kitchen [...]

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Rogue Red Ant Tied On A Curved Shank Hook

One of my favorite flies to fish during the summer is what has come to be known as the Rogue Red Ant.  Very different from a traditional dry fly Red Ant, the Rogue Red Ant is a modified pattern by Mike Kennedy during the 1940's to target half-pounders (juvenile steelhead) on the Rogue River.  The [...]

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Skagit or Scandi : Pt. 1 - History

OverviewThere seems to be a lot of questions out there concerning the differences between Scandinavian heads and Skagit heads. What are the defining characteristics of the two head types? Under what conditions would an angler choose one over the other? Which head more readily facilitates which casts? How would a rod be geared up in [...]

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