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Steelhead for dinner...

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It's been a long time since there has been a Steelhead steak on the table.  There was a time when fish flowed through our freezer with regularity; now, I seem to be in a dry spell that allows me to do nothing more than remember the days as they were.  No longer is our kitchen in need of lemon or dill, as it once was.  The propane burns with less frequency in our grill.  My wife's hyper-sensitivity to the scent of aquatic animals has (for the time being) been abated.

Fish have been caught... trout, bass, bluegill & crappie.  But that "fish of a thousand casts" has been out of reach.  Maybe I've only cast a few hundred times and there is still quite a ways to go.  Maybe that magical number is much closer than I imagine.  Only time will really tell.

Until then, I'll ponder photos like these and look forward to the day when they can be replicated!

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