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Oregon Closures - Know Where & When You're fishing!!!

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Major afternoon closures are occurring all over waterways within the state of Oregon.  Most seem to be rivers and creeks that are experiencing an increase in water temperatures.  According to the ODFW recreation report website:

"To protect fish from the stress they experience when caught and released in warm water, trout fishing is closed after 2 p.m. each day."

In my area (Southwest), here is a list of what I can't fish after 2PM:

  • Applegate River
  • Coos River Basin
  • Coquille River Basin
  • Illinois River
  • Rogue River - Below Fishers Ferry Boat Ramp
  • Smith River
  • Tenmile Basin
  • Umpqua Basin
  • Umpqua - Main, North & South

Before you head out to your local water, check the regulations for the day and make sure you are legal!  The last thing you want is a fine, or your gear taken from you, because your watch stopped.  Below is the link to the ODFW recreation report.  Find you water & know the time!


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