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Oregon Closures Are A Moving Target!

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Where can I fish?  When can I fish it?  What can I fish with?  As if the Oregon state fishing regulations weren't hard enough to decipher, the ODFW has now began to make changes to the newly imposed "hoot owl" restrictions on-the-fly.  The Deschutes River, recently closed to any targeting of salmon/steelhead/sturgeon from Pelton Dam to the mouth at the Columbia River after 2PM, is now open for normal angling hours.

Wonderful for all the anglers targeting those species within that waterway, but what does this mean for the state waterways in general?  Very simple... the ODFW has adopted what seems to be a very "fluid" take on closures based on water temperatures, for the sake of the health of the overall habitat.  I, personally, don't see this as a bad thing but it does mean that we (as anglers) have a little more responsibility to check the regulation changes of our preferred waterways before we head out.

How do we do that?  The ODFW has a Sport Fishing Regulation Updates page that classifies changes based on their standard zone delineations.  You can find it here:


So remember... keep it legal!  After you pack up your gear, check out the updates and make sure you picked a good time to head out.  If you didn't, maybe a little rescheduling might be in order!


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