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Gold Beach Surf Perch Slayer

So, Richard & I went to the coast this past weekend to target some surf perch.  I personally geared up with the Moriston 400 grain 28' Scandinavian Head, 10' of 6IPS sink tip and a number of different Clouser Minnows.  I was fishing a Moriston Convert 5wt. Switch Rod using a mix of [...]

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Here it comes!!! Moriston Rod Company's all new "Convert CSL" Switch Rod

After about 6 months of design changes, R&D, product testing, (and most importantly) customer feedback, Moriston Rod Company is launching their all new "Convert CSL" switch rod series.  Keeping the same fast action blank, Pacific Bay guides & elegant wood reel seat, we've decided to improve on perfection!  Didn't know it could happen?  Check out [...]

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Tying the Red Sheba

Materials: Hook - Steelhead size 6 to 4/0 Thread - Black, 6/0 Tag - Small Flat Silver Tinsel Tail - Red Rabbit Fur Butt - Purple Ice Dubbing Butt Hackle - Grizzly Hackle Body - 4 Strand Red Silk Floss Rib - Medium & Small Silver Wire Shoulder - Purple Ice Dubbing Hackle - Grizzly Hackle Wing - Red Rabbit Fur Over White Sheba Hair or [...]

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The importance of catching fish for kids

I think one of the best things for the proliferation of the sport of angling among the youth, is for kids to have success early on in their fishing career. Now, I'm not defining "success" as dialing in their casting abilities so they can win target cast or long cast competitions. I'm definitely not defining "success" as [...]

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The float of my dreams begins...

The perfect day on the river always starts early...at the butt-crack of dawn...before my mornining coffee kicks in. The river can be freezing! Wet! Promising!! But before things begin, I have to make sure I am truly prepared. The three most important elements of my float: a thermos loaded with java, a tobacco pouch filled [...]

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Soon to be a Steelhead & soon to be a Steelheader

I took my daughter out to the river for a little spey casting clinic the other day and I found out something pretty cool. She has some pretty mad skills! After about a half hour of basic water born anchor casts and simple timing drills, she had about 45' of line shooting through the guides [...]

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Scandinavian Head or Streamline Floating Fly Line

A few of you have asked a pretty critical question about the difference between the Spey Style Setup or the Overhead Style Setup in our Switch Rod Combo Set. Why have we offered these two options, what's the benefit of one over the other and (most importantly) which one is right for you? The most important [...]

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